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Pastor Matt Marluft

Sunday Mornings 9-10AM, beginning April 8, 2018

God Delivers -- The creator and covenant making God of Genesis is also a God who delivers His people from bondage. In a follow up to "The Story Begins", we'll spend 12 weeks looking into the books of Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy, to see God as the Redeemer, and God as the Lawgiver. This study demonstrates how these Old Testament narratives have their ultimate fulfillment in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Bible study and discussion led by Roger Dager and Don Calawa

40 Days of Love: We Were Made For Relationships, by Rick Warren-- God tells us that our dominant life value is to be loved. Jesus once said that of all the commands in the Bible, two are most important: Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. This six-session study, shares practical, Christ-centered advice on how to authentically love God and love your neighbor as a normal way of life. With a focus on the spiritual truths of patience, kindness, truth, and forgiveness, you will learn to make love your dominant life value in all relationships. Video and Bible study led by The Montoya's and Kolb's

Women in the Word: You'll Get Through This-- Ladies, do you sometimes fear you won't make it through? We all do. In the pits, surrounded by steep walls and aching reminders, we wonder: Will this load ever lighten? God doesn't promise that getting through trials will be quick or painless. It wasn't for Joseph—tossed in a pit by his brothers, sold into slavery, wrongfully imprisoned, forgotten and dismissed. But his Old Testament story is in the Bible for this reason: to teach us to trust God to trump evil. Bible study and discussion based on the book by Max Lucado, led by Nan Lingenfelter

Wednesday evenings 6:30-8PM, beginning April 10, 2018

Christianity Explored -- A study of the Gospel of Mark--This is a great opportunity for everyone in the Church to prayerfully consider who they might invite to this study.  In the past many have experienced the joy of seeing new believers emerge from this study event.  Please keep friends, neighbors or others in your prayers and ask the Lord who you might invite to this study. Video w/discussion led by Pastor Matt Marzluft

Continuing...A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place, by Beth Moore-- Explore the fascinating account of the building of the Old Testament tabernacle, the significance of its intricate design, its pivotal role in God's eternal plan, the grand fulfillment of its purpose by Jesus Christ, and its variety of meanings for your walk with God today. We're going deep here w/video (approx. 1 hr. each) plus 2-3 hrs of homework over 2 wks. Plan on another 8 weeks to finish, alternating video viewing with discussion each week. This is about deeper intimacy, preparing our hearts to truly be Christ's holy place. Led by Lynn Anderson or Sui Ling Hoang. Come, and bring a friend!