Bring the Children to MeChildren Have A Place

Pastor Matt Marluft

We embrace what Jesus said about even the youngest of our children here at ECC from infants through grade 6 with programs designed to partner with parents in such a way that their children’s hearts are captured for God. Teachers and helpers are all CORI checked and selected for their love for both children and God. Care is taken to keep the rooms attractive, clean, safe, and age appropriate with materials and furniture. Families with young children are supported by our Infant/Toddler programs, Sunday School, Children’s Church, Mom’s Group, and Wednesday evening girls and boys clubs. Summer programs include VBS, CREW and Sunday school.


Sunshine Zone for Infants and Toddlers: 

We’re pleased to announce a new opportunity at 9 a.m. for our families with infants & toddlers. It’s called the “Sunshine Zone” and is located near the sanctuary in our beautiful Infant/Toddler area. This will be a drop in, not a drop off area, for parents to come get a cup of coffee and informally chat and encourage each other while enjoying time with their babies. At 10:15, the caregivers will be on hand so parents can leave their little ones and go to the service in the sanctuary. Any questions, please contact Mrs. Angela Pudlo at 413-244-1670.

Pre K and Early Elementary Programs:

This program is two hours from 9am to 11am with snack provided and is located in Rooms B1 & B2. At 11 a.m., they are escorted to children’s church in Room B3. (PreK children must be 3 by October and potty trained).

The Worship and Play Center is a wonderful program developed by Sonja M. Steward and Jerome W. Berrymore over a period of 30 years working with Montessori methods. The key to this approach is a worship context for telling and working with Biblical stories, instead of a typical school environment. The room is set up so that through storytelling, art, and other specially designed activities children can enter more deeply into the life of faith. The unusual and beautiful story pieces made of fabric, wood and other natural items were made by artists in our congregation. The look of the room begins with just the furniture and a few core items and each week a new Bible story is introduced and stays in the room for further use. Special time is spent to train children how to move about the room and use the materials; how we listen to God and one another.

Upper Elementary Programs:

Grades 3-6 meet in rooms B5 & B6 from 9am to 10:15 a.m. with snack and fellowship time at 10. We are using the Gospel Project for Kids. This approach helps kids identify Jesus’ role throughout the grand narrative of Scripture.


Our Sunday School has supported a child from East India through Compassion International for several years. The children are encouraged to bring a weekly offering for this. Occasionally, there are other short term worthy projects that we do to help the children learn to serve others.

Flagging & Drama is another activity which we have provided for those children who choose to be involved. Have been  able to participate in the Adult worship by flagging to We Bow Down. It was a worshipful expression to bring glory to God, recognizing His Lordship in creation. We also had a Creation Exhibit which was the children’s work displayed in the sanctuary.

Mountain Climbers:

Mountain Climbers is our midweek ministry for boys entering grades 1-5.  
We follow the Christian Service Brigade Curriculum which consists of 3 elements; Treks, Games and Story.  “Treks” provides boys the opportunity to craft, experiment and discover as the hands-on aspect that becomes an object lesson for the Bible-focused theme.  “Games” takes place in the church gym and is followed by “Story” which provides a reading of real life examples of Christians following Christ.  The meeting ends with boys discussing how to apply what they have learned to their daily lives followed by closing prayer.

Through various special events, Boys are taught to live a life of service and generosity. These include making sandwiches for feeding the hungry through the Loaves and Fishes Kitchen, serving the church by working to improve the facility and grounds, participating in Operation Christmas Child and Christmas caroling at local nursing homes.  Other fun traditions include the Pinecar Derby and Rocket building (and launching!) in the spring.

Mountain Climbers is a great place for kids to grow in their Christian faith as they make friends and have fun doing things boys like to do.

This year, our helpers include Dave Mazur, Adam Pudlo and Mike Warren.  Please contact Mike at 413-237-0356 with any follow up questions.

Children’s work displayed in the sanctuary.