The Evangelical Covenant Church of Springfield
Every week, ages three years old through 5th grade explore Bible Points as they rotate through Discovery Centers with their small groups (called Circle of Friends). Fun games, music, projects, outreach opportunities, surprises, and service projects build everyone's friendship with Jesus. Being in a small group Circle of Friends builds relationships and welcomes newcomers easily!
The evening starts with an Opening Celebration that includes our theme song, an impromptu script for the Instant Bible Drama, introduction of the Bible verse, as well as the weekly Wacky Holiday and other fun songs.
Leader:  Dani Mazur
After dismissal from the Opening Celebration, your child will rotate through the following stations:
Games Discovery Center:  
Games connect with kids right where they live: by engaging them in play. Because FaithWeaver Friends games are cooperative and reinforce the Bible Point, your children will grow spiritually as they play. They will bond with their leaders. And they will make friendships that can last a lifetime.  Leader: Pam LeClair
Projects-With-a-Purpose : 
Kids create crafts and projects that reinforce the weekly Bible story and Bible Point. It is here that the children create items for others and learn about service to others.  
Leader: Karen Larson
Surprise Station:  
Your children will be delighted with a new surprise each week! That makes it fun for kids. But it's never difficult for you to pull off-and that may be the best surprise of all!
Journal Time:  
Sometimes the hardest part of teaching children is getting them to express themselves openly. In their very own My Faith Journal, elementary students have the chance to write or draw, in a risk-free way, what they think about the Bible lesson as it applies to their life. Space is provided for Circle of Friends leaders to add notes and affirmations. Friends take their finished journals home at the end of each quarter. And each week, they take a Daily Challenge reminder home to put their faith into practice.
Leader:  Dani Mazur
Pal/Gal Events: 
Each girl is matched with a mature Christian woman who is committed to praying for your daughter. Three times a year the girls share in an evening of fun and fellowship with their Pal. It is a fun time of games, snacks and crafts, all while building a relationship between the Pal and Gal. 
Leaders: Carol Kuhn, Peg Thomas, Joan Timm, and Kerri Ramgren     
Contact Person for Girls Midweek Program:  Dani Mazur
Friends Program 
Just for Kids - Girls
Wednesday nights are alive at ECC as the young men gather for fun and fellowship.  Boys in grades one through six meet concurrently with the girls as part of the FRIENDS program.  Scripture is a key component of our curriculum. Each boy is assigned a Bible for the meeting. The boys are asked to find the passage for that specific lesson and then take turns reading. Older boys help the younger ones find their way in the Scriptures.  FRIENDS lessons center on stories and events from the Old and New
Testament that correlates to thoughts, actions, and events the boys lives as they grow and mature. Scripture memory is related to the lesson at hand or given as part of a continuous series of verses.
Time each week is dedicated to crafts. The boys are introduced to woodworking projects, performed on-site. Seasonal activities such as Operation Christmas Child care packages and home made cards for our caroling outing are also completed.
Remember now, these are boys and they do like to run! Game time in our full size gym  never fails to hold their attention. Teamwork is emphasized so that the "little guy" doesn't feel left out. Lite snacks back in the classroom round out a time of learning and fun.
Contact person for Boys Midweek Program: Todd Ondrick
Just for Kids - Boys