The Evangelical Covenant Church of Springfield
Music plays an important part of our worship at ECC.  We have a rich tradition of blending both traditional and contemporary forms of music as we raise our voices in praise to our Lord.  If you like to make joyful music, you are welcome to join into any of our music ministries.  The Music Ministry at ECC performs at Sunday Worship Service and at various special events though the year.

Spirit & Truth is our contemporary praise and worship band led by Michael Hakanson-Stacy. Consisting of guitars, keyboard, drums, bass guitar, flute, saxophone, and several vocalists, Spirit & Truth brings the most current contemporary worship artists and music to our body. In addition to Sunday morning services, the Spirit & Truth ministry also presents Praise & Worship evenings and musical support to special events like Christmas at the Covenant. We worship together in Spirit and in Truth.

Sanctuary Choir

Our Sanctuary Choir, directed by Mr. Dennis Bunten, maintains a consistent level of approximately 40 incredibly gifted voices.  In conjunction with our talented organist, Marcia Bunten, the Sanctuary Choir is truly an amazing ministry.  From our Sunday morning worship to special events like our Good Friday Drama and Christmas at the Covenant, the choir will captivate your senses and the sound will fill you with the Spirit.

Under the direction of Mike Warren and Marcia Bunten, our Children's Church kids perform during worship services several times each year. They sing songs of praise to God and ring chimes to His glory. What a joy it is to see our children's enthusiasm and talent shine for our Lord!
Handbell ringing has a long history. In England, handbells were being produced and used in the late 1600s (from Whitechapel Bell Foundry, who also produced Big Ben and the original Independence Bell for Independence Hall in Philadelphia). One foundry in the Netherlands (Petit & Fritsen) has been continuously producing handbells since 1757. American handbells come primarily from Pennsylvania (Malmark or Schulmerich foundries), and the superior English hinged clapper design is most popular. The rhythmic beautiful rich sounds of handbells are soothing for the soul and help create a joyful peaceful atmosphere; the perfect attitude for parishioners. Hence, handbells have become very popular in churches. Our 12-member handbell choir, directed by Marcia Bunten, achieves great range featuring three octaves.
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Children’s Choir and Handbells