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Hurricane Sandy Relief



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Hurricane Sandy Relief

The house pictured below may be “for the birds” but what the Hi League did in New Jersey certainly was not! The awesome group shown above worked extremely hard all week and they did it for God first and foremost, and for the people of Union Beach secondly (the owner of this house is the guy in the shades above Billy and Matt). Most of us worked on tearing down three different homes that were destroyed in Hurricane Sandy that hit New Jersey in October of 2012. A few got to build a shed located on the same property as house above. For one afternoon, some of us walked into a new two bedroom home that was completely empty and then hauled furniture up the stairs and put it all together and left it fully furnished with beds, dressers, end tables, living room set and dining room set. An hour and a half later the young couple with an eight year old boy moved back to their home for the first time in close to 2 years. Praise God! Everyone on the trip found it a real privilege to be able to help those in serious need.

Another great aspect of the trip was worship followed by our group sharing every single night. The theme of the week was brokenness and the Team Effort staff took turns sharing their stories of being broken only to be restored by Jesus Christ. They were powerful testimonies that opened the door for our students to become vulnerable themselves and Wednesday night we had one of those amazing Holy Spirit led nights of tears, sharing wounds, hugs, supporting each other ending in a beautiful time of prayer.  

On our Thursday half-day we had a great evening on the Point Pleasant boardwalk and our full day-off we had an incredibly fun three hour tour of Philadelphia abouard Segway’s! What a blast this was. After this totally rad tour we had Philly Cheesesteak before heading back to relax some and hit up a used record store. This was an amazing trip so please enjoy the pix on the following page. And one more thing: THANK YOU SO MUCH MISSION BOARD, PARENTS & ECC FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

Hi League had an awesome trip to Cape Cod September 22-24th.  This annual trip is how we introduce the freshman to Hi League and it is always a highlight. Our theme was NO LIMITS and we learned that there is NO LIMIT to the influence we can have on other people and that there is NO LIMIT to what God can do through our lives if we submit to him. We learned these lessons through the story of Moses, who allowed God to use him and their was clearly NO LIMIT!

The youth worship band lead us each night before discussion and played one song for the service at CCCC Sunday morning. They are proving that there is NO LIMIT to what teenagers can do for Christ! The rest of the weekend was filled with great fun through the meet the freshman game, the beach, Hyannis, mini golf and tons of four square. Truly a great start to the 2014-2015 school year of Hi League!

Cape Cod for Hi-League 2014