Pastor Matt’s Blog for January

Dear Church Family,

A stool doesn’t need much to be held up. I envision that for ECC Springfield in 2019. Our “stool” will have three strong legs in the coming year.

First is ECC’s “missional” leg.

“Missional” is a world coined about twenty years ago to describe how the church should go out into society, particularly American culture, as a mission field. In the old days, people would seek out the church. “If we build it, they will come,” was the attitude. Now people drive by a church and don’t even see it. A myriad of other options than attending worship confront people on Sunday mornings.

I want our church to be missional. I want each of us to find places outside of our church to engage with people: work, Scouts, the gym, opportunities for volunteering, after school programs, etc. I see us especially interacting
with young adults and young families. Thus, Pastor Tim’s new position, as pastor to youth, young adults, and families is a missional move. His position is a direct response to the survey ECC took in 2015, identifying where a critical mission field exists and where ECC is under represented. Also, Jenn Montoya’s increased hours as director of our children’s programing reflects our missional priorities.

Second is ECC’s “evangelistic” leg.

I would like our our focus for 2019 be outreach: each one, win one. Can we each pray for our non- or pre- Christian friends or family with whom God has given us significant relationships? To this end I will kick-off the
year in January with a sermon series about relational evangelism. In addition, in 2019 our church hopes to find a worship pastor who is not only a gifted musician but a connectional person, someone very relatable, and who sees the evangelistic impact of song in bringing people to Christ.

The final leg for ECC in 2019 is “discipleship.”

A discipling church provides the most nurturing environment possible, where every single person who walks through our doors is made to feel like they are the most important person in the world. In fact, they are (John
3:16). Everyone should really feel connected to Christ and each other. Thus I will host a new members class in January to welcome frequent attenders into full church participation and belonging. ECC will also emphasize
small group opportunities in 2019. Small groups are places where people make close friends, give and receive support, discover their gifts, and learn to pray. Finally, two important teams will be seek new recruits to maximize
the opportunities ECC has on the corner of Bradly and Plumtree Roads: a Facilities Team and a Finance

You know why a stool is beautiful? Aesthetically, it may not be that much to look at, unlike a perfectly crafted chair. But a stool is beautiful because it does not have to be perfect to work properly. Attach those three legs,
even if they don’t match exactly— and voila!— it really works well. Let’s be that stool — in mission, evangelism and discipleship — in the coming year.

Pastor Matt

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