April Youth Stuph

On March 3 the Hi-League had an AWESOME day!! Right after church we
headed up to Pilgrim Pines, enjoying our packed lunches and a scavenger
hunt on the way. Upon arriving we changed into winter gear and grabbed
shovels to clear the ice and make a perfect Broomball court. Then we enjoyed 2 games of high action broomball and played for a little over 2.5
hours!! So fun!!! After exhausting ourselves we headed into Keene for
amazing Athens pizza. Great Day!!

Not to be outdone, the JVs had such a fun event on March 23 that the Hi-League wants to copy it ASAP!! We met at church to drive to Aaron Taft’s house in Sturbridge. While waiting for homemade pizza to be made, most played/watched video games in the living room. Then appetizers came
out (complete with fruits and veggies!!) before we enjoyed some VERY GOOD pizza made by Aaron Taft and his neighbor.

The main reason for gathering was to watch the inconceivably good classic film THE PRINCESS BRIDE. A couple of us were so excited we dressed as The Man in Black and Fezzik! (If not familiar with movie, these are two of the main characters (see below) AND you should be utterly ashamed of yourself and you must go watch it NOW!). So before the movie we played a fun Princess Bride game that showed some great creativity in our youth. Very funny! Then we thoroughly enjoyed the movie after which we had dessert in which Erin Kolb outdid us all in connecting to the theme. Toppings
included Lightning Sand (crushed blond oreos), iocane powder (powdered sugar) and screeching eels (gummy worms)!! We also had chocolate R.O.U.S.’s on a stick, miracle max pills (chocolate covered of course), and Princess (Peanut) Buttercups! Then we challenged our memory with some great Princess Bride trivia. It was a very fun night and I look forward to repeating it with Hi-League!

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