Indoor Worship Guidelines

As we gather in person...


  • Indoor Worship

    • As of Sunday, October 11th, we will begin offering the option of indoor worship! In-person worship will include screening upon entry & social distancing measures (outlined below). Worship will begin at 10:30 am. 


  • YouTube Livestream

    • We welcome and encourage you to join via the comfort of your home via YouTube if you:

      • Are home bound and unable to join our worship in person 

      • Are unable or unwilling to practice social distancing guidelines

      • Have any symptoms (fever, body aches, shortness of breath, sudden loss of taste/smell and/or cough)

      • Feel more comfortable worshipping virtually during this time



Please know that the following screening and social distancing measures will be employed to protect the safety of all of our brothers & sisters gathering for worship and praise. Please understand that our volunteer ushers are also our brothers and sisters in Christ, and are doing their best to support safe worship for all!


  • Face Masks are required to be worn covering the mouth and nose while in our facility. Please bring your own mask. If you need to remove your mask, we lovingly request that you please step outdoors.

    • Please note that the worship band/singers will not wear masks while performing (front pews are blocked off to provide > 6 feet between band members and the congregation during singing)

  • Social/physical distancing is required

  • There will be no contact with social greetings before and after worship services. 

  • Temperature checks using non-touch thermometers will be used upon entry of the sanctuary. If you are found to have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, you will be lovingly asked to join our YouTube service from home. 

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided to each person upon entry. 

  • Offering plates will not be passed but will be available at the entrance to the Sanctuary before and after service. 

  • All classrooms and fellowship hall will be closed and are not to be used. Bathrooms outside the upper lobby will be the only ones in use during Sunday service. This is important so that our cleaning crew can focus on cleaning the areas that are open for worship at this time.


Worship RSVP is now required: 

  • Each week, each household must RSVP prior to worship, preferably as early as possible. This includes members, regular attenders, and guests. 

  • The RSVP form will be open each week on Tuesday on our website. Click here to RSVP. 

  • This provides a record of attendance should contact tracing need to be implemented.

  • If you miss the RSVP form for the week, come anyway! Walk-ins are accepted. Walk-ins will be required to provide their name, phone number, and email address should contact tracing need to be implemented. 

Prior to worship each Sunday:

  • Door handles, door frames, and pews will be cleaned and wiped with disinfectant

  • Restrooms will be cleaned and wiped with disinfectant


Please arrive by 10:15 to accommodate the safety protocol of entering the building


When you arrive for in-person worship:

  • Our doors will remain open so that congregants do not need to touch the doors

  • Ushers will guide you to your pew via the center aisle. The pews are marked to maintain the recommended 6 feet between each individual (and/or between each small group or family who attends together). 



  • Masks will be worn during the entirety of worship; this is especially essential during singing. Singing is known to dramatically increase aerosolized viral particle production and several outbreaks of COVID-19 have been linked to singing. 


Post in-person worship:

  • Please remain seated. Ushers will invite each pew to (from back to front) exit via the closest side aisle. We ask that you please wait until they reach your pew to exit to ensure enough space. 


Note: This information is subject to change based on what state, county, and city Department of Health and Human Services guidelines dictate. Please understand that this is a fluid situation and will continue to change as we move into the future. We appreciate your patience, flexibility, and prayers!