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~empowering young adults to grow and to transform their communities~Remnant

Pastor Matt Marluft

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Remnant is ECC’s young adult ministry, which meets on Sunday nights this summer beginning on June 24. Join us at 7pm in the chapel for contemporary worship, Biblical teaching, and great company!

The basis for our mission statement is found in Isaiah 37:31, which says, “Once more, a remnant of the kingdom of Judah will take root below and bear fruit above.” Our goal is to create the space and opportunity for young adults to grow in (in their faith, in their relationships with God and each other, and in knowledge of the Bible and the Kingdom of God), finding Jesus at the heart of the Scriptures and putting roots down in Him, and to grow out, reaching across cultural, generational, and relational boundaries to bear fruit that transforms the communities of which they are a part. Transformation implies intentional action toward change and positive growth – we want to change the culture and attitude of our community to be increasingly relational (towards each other and towards God).

Find us on Facebook: Remnant Ministries

Follow us on Instagram @remnantecc



The Remnant Core Team:

John DePalma, Teaching Team Leader

Noelia Rodriguez, Teaching Team Member

Jesus Rodriguez, Teaching Team Member

Billy Enos, Worship Team Intern

Jennie Larson, Core Team Administrator

The Remnant Advisory:

Rachel LeClair, logo design & media support

Tim Ramgren, youth pastor

Matt Marzluft, senior pastor