Guided by Pastor Tim RamgrenOur Youth Have A Place

Pastor Matt Marluft

The youth program at ECC Springfield is designed to encourage and equip our youth to serve in the world.  Young people today are faced with a world that offers false hope and fading pleasures.  At ECC, we want our young people to experience the truth through the gospel.  We want them to have a knowledge and understanding of the principles of the Holy Bible so that they can go forth and declare God’s greatness in their lives and in the world.
We want our youth to

● Know that the Lord is God and there is no other;
● Grow in grace, knowledge, and understanding of Jesus Christ and His gospel;
● Go into the world as examples of Christian discipleship.

Our youth program consists of both Junior High (JAY VEES) and High School (HI LEAGUE).  The program is run by our Youth Pastor, Tim Ramgren.  

Youth Hiking in October up Mt. Toby

Youth Cape Trip 2018

JV's Enjoying April

HI League Enjoying April