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Youth & Young Adult Hang Out

Every 2nd Sunday of the month after morning service. Each month will be a little different (lunch at a restaurant, games at a house, go to movies, etc.). This will be a time to connect over lunch. Email for details or to let Suzy know if you’d like to host an event or help provide lunch.

Youth Group Nights:
Summer Edition

Every other Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm.For incoming 6th-12th graders and our recently graduated seniors. We will usually meet at the parsonage (home of the Mathais) but will sometimes go elsewhere together. Watch your texts and emails for more details and please be sure to RSVP. Contact Suzy Mathai if you are not on the youth email or text list: 714-608-2339.

NOTE: We require permission slips for youth event participation. Click below to access these forms for both local/recurring and single 'off-site' events.  

Youth Ministry

For more information about our Youth programs please call the office or email

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